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Helping Families Connect, Honor & Remember

At Coxe & Graziano Funeral Home our “Cremation Pledge” is our promise to the families that we serve.


Many people often say “its just a cremation” and believe that very little work or preparation is entailed.  That is a great misconception regarding this form of disposition.  Many of you have read the newspapers and heard the horror stories about cremation and crematories.  Have you stopped to ask, “How can this happen?”  The answer…when a funeral director senses a family doesn’t care, he in turn, will not.

Cremation carries the potential for great liability.  Many people feel that they can shop for a cremation provider until they find the lowest price.  What they fail to recognize is that the low cost provider may NOT be providing the dignity and professional guarantees that our firm will extend.  If you shop for a cremation provider solely based on cost, you will find one.  But as everything in life, you will get what you pay for.

Although there are options with cremation ranging from a full service wake and religious service, to a cremation with a later memorial gathering, one thing does NOT change, our commitment to the solemnity of the life that has passed.  Our level of care does not waiver regardless of the method of disposition.  We remain a dedicated and caring staff of professionals that avail ourselves to a family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We take the time to meet with you, answer your questions, allay your concerns and provide you with the full benefit of our professionalism and expertise.

Caring for the dead is a corporal work of mercy. It is our calling and we consider it to be a most sacred obligation.  And here is our pledge… Click Here