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Cremation Pledge

Helping Families Connect, Honor & Remember

Coxe & Graziano Cremation Pledge

What we will do   What we will not do
Treat your loved one with the highest
level of professionalism, dignity, courtesy and reverence.
                 Show disregard for the security of the deceased nor do anything to devalue their humanity
Wash, dress and sanitize your loved one and make them presentable for identification.   Cremate your loved one in soiled linens from home or hospital.
Transport your loved one individually in
a private funeral coach with a licensed
funeral director in attendance.
  Transport your loved one in a van with other deceased persons.
Transport your loved on to a reputable
crematory that we have personally inspected.
  Leave your loved one at an unfamiliar or out of state facility.
Ensure proper chain of custody between
your loved one's human remains and cremains. We will also ensure a proper timeline for the return of their remains to you.
  Consider our obligation complete until you have received and accepted your loved ones cremains.

Assist you and explain your options for
your loved ones final resting place.

  Anything to diminish the dignity of your loved one nor our reputation.

To ensure your peace of mind, we strongly urge you to identify your loved prior to cremation in the comfort of one of our chapels.